Family website - I want to say to you! Family website, digital technology era of pao network platform, provides the broad space of the rapid information transmission and emotional exchanges, the clan is a world, hope can into the pao family home online! For site managers, maintainers, web site development needs longer breeding process, especially family's web site, to do close service the clan, also need to accumulate experience. Admittedly, founding family own website we poured into many painstaking care and effort, and is still in development and construction, there is still much to do. For the clan, family is the clan are looking at growing up, open a door, each clan heart-to-heart exchanges, business development, industrial development, emotional transfer, helping and love each other, spiritual sublimation, flying dream, its importance has been far beyond the site itself! As site manager, both to inheriting family culture and spirit of adhering to the min and male, finally is to the family's sense of honor is the objective and purpose! Clansmen association work pictures of news and in between each page seeping through provincial branch of the cultural activities, is certainly the most important condition, is also a key to absorb the clan eyeball! Early site, make the whole family online virtualization platform is an inevitable process, because it is the most practical, the most can reflect all the family will and activities of the carrier! Shimin, believe you also know this carrier is not just for us propaganda pao family culture, more important is to contact more clan together with us to carry forward ZuDe, between race, on the communication platform to express our love and family love. Due to site maintenance, expansion site is commercial, shimin, need you help. Family website belong to everybody, everybody website construction family, work hand in hand to integrate resources, family website will be even better! We welcome your participation, and jointly do a good job in site, not just write a good article, more look forward to your support, please contact us.




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